Too Much of Not Enough: A Silverchair Podcast

E13: FAQ & Mailbag

November 21, 2020 Daniel Hedger Episode 13
Too Much of Not Enough: A Silverchair Podcast
E13: FAQ & Mailbag
Show Notes

The long-fabled mailbag and FAQ episode has arrived. In this episode, I answer your questions and share my thoughts on a lot of different things, including but not limited to: what happens when I run out of Silverchair albums, why I think Silverchair need a legacy web presence, my favourite music for each year Silverchair released an album, whether I think Silverchair ever made a musical misstep and even some non-Silverchair related things. 

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I used a lot of other, non-Silverchair music in this episode, so if anything interested you, here are the artists in order of appearance:

Steve Vai – Answers

Dream Theater – Strange Déjà vu

Devin Townsend Project – Kingdom

Rufus Wainwright – I Don’t Know What It Is

Kate Bush – Cloudbusting

Coheed & Cambria – Apollo I: The Writing Writer

The Thrills – The Irish Keep Gatecrashing

Brian Wilson – Surf’s Up

The Dissociatives – Somewhere Down the Barrel

The Divinyls – Boys in Town

Daniel Johns – My Mind’s Own Melody Medley

Smashing Pumpkins – Here Is No Why

Strapping Young Lad – All Hail the New Flesh

Fiona Apple – The Way Things Are

Bright Eyes – Nothing Gets Crossed Out

Maximo Park – Russian Literature

Phoebe Bridgers – I Know the End

Tegan and Sara – Someday

Helmet – Speechless

Mad Season – I Don’t Know Anything

Black Sabbath – Sweat Leaf

Starky – Me Michelle


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